The  project  will  be  carried  out  through  a  whole  number  of  activities  grouped

under  the  following  categories :

1 . Studies : A  specialized  job  market  study  has  already  been  carried  out  aiming  at

the  present  project . During  the  study  of  the  local  job  market  we  took  notice  of

the  opportunities  and  the  threats  connected  with  the  Peloponesian  external

environment  and  specifically  that  of  the  area  of  Mani , in  combination  of  both

the  strong  points  and  the  weaknesses  of the  area  to  respond  to  these .



There  will  also  be  studies  of  best  practices  carried  out  in  equivalent  projects

on  a  National , European  and  International  level . These  studies  will  be  used  as

background  for  future  actions , aiming  at  achieving  both  the  targets  of  the  project

and  the  Action  itself .


2 . Networking : Activities  that  will  contribute  to  the  creation  of  a  network  between

consortium  partners  and  local  productive  and  social  stakeholders  but  also  between

existing  businesses  and  potential  beneficiaries  of  the  Action  Project . Besides , the

project  website  will  be  created  as  well  as  an  internet  site  with  supply  and

demand  of  job  openings  for  beneficiaries , in  order  to  further  update  the  public

about  the  project  but  also  to  facilitate  communication  between  businesses  and

beneficiaries .


3 . Updating  and  Awareness  Activities : These  activities  aim  at  updating  the  local

society  and  the  local  business  community  about  the  carrying  out  of  the  plan

and  about  its  expected  positive  results . At  the  same  time , they  aim  at  raising

local  society's  awareness  on  the  target  group  of  the  program  and  the  problems

it  faces  within  the  job  market . The  basic  targets  of  updating  and  awareness

activities  concern  updating  the  target  group  of  the  wider  intervention  area  as

well  as  disseminating  the  results  of  the  project  to  the  public .



4.Coordination  and  Action  Management : These  actions  aim  at  the  smooth  and

proper  carrying  out  of  the  project  as  well  as  at  the  continuous  monitoring

of  both  its  course  and  its  results .



5 . Training : These  actions  have  to  do  with  the  training  programs  for  the  beneficiaries

of  the  plan . The  training  programs  aim  at  empowering  the  beneficiaries  with

knowledge  and  skills :


–so  that  they  acquire  work  experience

–so  that  they  are  prepared  to  be  introduced  in  funding , benefit  or  other

development  programs

–so  that  they  are  prepared  to  participate  in  joint  partnerships  according  to

Law  4019  references  on  social  economy .



6 . Informing – Counselling – Support : The  sixth  group  of  Actions  initially  has  to  do

with  evaluating  and  selecting  potential  beneficiaries . The  Plan  targets  people  who

have  experienced  long-term  exclusion  from  the  job  market  or  are  experiencing

a  deep  economic  crisis  with  their  professional  activities  having  shrunk . Through

these  activities  the  beneficiaries  will  receive  necessary  counselling  and  support

on  a  number  of  issues , ranging  from  psychological  and  social  support  to  profes-

sional  advice . What  is  more , a  series  of  thematic  workshops  are  going  to  take

place , aiming  at  further  counselling  and  support  of  both  the  target  group  and

the  businesses  that  will  potentially  hire  the  beneficiaries . In  addition , business

schemes  will  be  elaborated  for  beneficiaries  wishing  to  set  up  their  own

individual  businesses  as  well  as  for  the  establishment  of  a  social  business  aiming

at  their  introduction  in  funding , benefit  or  other  development  program . Finally ,

businesses  that  will  potentially  hire  beneficiaries  of  the  action  will  be  supported .


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